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What's In The Course?

Sneak peak video coming at your face! If you're on the fence, let me show you what you're missing out on and why you should do this dang course immediately.

You're Overwhelmed

You want to start a podcast, but every time you think about it, it all feels like it's too hard. You have no clue where to begin and you wish there was someone to help you along the way.

You Need Equipment

You understand that some equipment might be needed, but you don't know the tech. You don't want to buy gear you don't need. We totally get that. We're not here to rip you off.

You Want A Cheer Squad

It can be lonely podcasting all by yourself, and maybe you need help fleshing out your idea. You'd like to collaborate and feel like you're a part of a fun community.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Whether you're an absolute beginner with no money, no gear, and no knowledge, or you're keen to invest in all the professional resources from the get go, we've got you covered. You can choose your own adventure and complete the course that meets your needs.


Go At Your Own Pace

Yep. That's right. You've got lifetime access so you can complete the course at your own pace. To be honest though, we know you're going to want to do this quickly so that you can get your podcast out into the world!


Let's Run Through The Modules

Here's a snapshot into what the course is going to involve. The Podcourse is run by our kick ass Head Honcho at Bamby Media, Brianna Ansaldo & she's all sorts of fun.

So you want to start a podcast and you’re like, “What the flip! I have no clue how to begin”. Well, let’s kick those fears to the curb and answer all the most common questions that are stopping you from taking the plunge.

This is a super exciting module because it’s all about the gear! Well, we think it’s exciting because that’s our whole flippin’ jam. In this module we are discussing your budgets and the different options you’ve got to record based on how much you’re wanting to invest.

We run through a number of software options that you have available (both free and paid) and run you through how to set them up for recording.

This module is super, duper fun! We’re going to show you different options for how to find your theme music, get focused on how your theme music supports your brand, and give you advice as to why the music is sooooo important.

Running you through how to connect your microphone depending on the option you went with, how far away to sit, where to record, what a "polar pattern" means (etc). We'll get it sounding sweet.

This is one of the biggest modules. There's lots to discuss regarding editing, and Brianna has a love of good editing practices. We'll break it down based on the style of editing you want to do, and get you feeling confident in your abilities.

The specific requirements that you'll need to craft a logo that Apple Podcasts will accept. We run through what makes a good logo, what sucks balls, and how to design something DIY in Canva if that's all you've got access to. We also discuss the benefits of hiring a designer if you've got a bit of cash and why logos are so important.

There are a squillion podcast hosting platforms. We've tried so many of them. We know what works best and we're going to run you through your options depending on your monthly budget.

This is getting close to launch peeps! Exciting times are ahead.

We’ll Cover:

  • How to upload your media onto your host
  • What are show notes, and why do you need them
  • Any other links you need to include
  • Setting up a release schedule and deciding the frequency of episodes

Going into all things websites in this module and why they're a great feature to take advantage of for increasing your reach from the podcast. We run through how to add the podcast episodes to your website and the benefits of doing so.

You’re all set. You’ve created a podcast and you’ve put it out there into the world.

We’ll Cover:

  • What’s next? How to grow your show and keep people coming back for more
  • How to use social media to grow your show
  • How to potentially monetise your show
  • Re-asses the purpose for the podcast, and how to keep yourself aligned with this
  • Contacting potential guests and providing them with the metrics they’ll need
  • Why collaboration is king & finding guests that suit your style

Give It To Me Straight - $$$?

To have Bamby Media run your show in a one-on-one client relationship would cost you THOUSANDS of dollars a year. This Podcourse gives you access to Brianna's knowledge and expertise for a relatively small investment. Invest in yourself and level up your skills!

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